1. Introduction

First of all, I’d again like to say thank you for your support. It’s taken a long time to get to here, and I know it will take a long time to where I really want to be. I really want to include all of you in as much of the growth of the my brand as I can. Your support is amazing, but your feedback is where the true magic lies. I’m happy to chat with people, and discuss ideas, so no matter what level you’ve pledged at, please feel free to send me a message, and reply to posts. Your input is always welcome.

I hope that 2020 hasn’t treated you to badly so far. Obviously, it’s is a difficult year for everyone. One of my closest friends is a care home worker, so I’ve stood face to face with the harsh reality of everything that’s going on. I’ve tried to use my time constructively though, and I’ve fully revamped my brand, and got everything in line. I’m now at a point that I can concentrate on everything a lot more, and put time into establishing a community. This year, I’d like to work on a number of areas…

2. Patreon

Most pressingly for all of you, is what will happen to Patreon as we expand. This is obviously helped by everyone here. The more you reply, and become a community among yourselves, the better it will be for everyone. I’m looking at rolling out a multi-phase plan to expand my Patreon community, over time:

Phase 1: Initial Roll-out (Current Phase)

This is the initial phase, trying to get people interested, and build the community to a level that can sustain itself, and bring in new people.

Phase 2: Discord

Once there are enough members to merit having a Discord Server, one will be opened. I used to have a Discord Server for my YouTube channel, but it didn’t gain any traction, and died out. There was one guy that stuck around, and I felt so bad for him. I ended up closing the server, and sending him an apology. But, with people ready to join, it will be much better. Having a Discord Server will allow the community to get to know each other a lot easier, and, I hope, will attract a lot more people.

During this phase, new perks will be added to each tier of support, and if anyone is particularly interested, I will be looking to interview people for Moderator positions, on a voluntary basis.

Phase 3: Game Servers

Once a Discord Server has been established, we’ll be able to play multiplayer games together, using the server for Voice Chat. At this time, I’ll be looking to open some dedicated game servers for people. It’s up to you which games are available, but I will most likely be using CreeperHost. I’ll add polls much closer to the time, but feel free to add your opinions until then.

I will add two new tiers of support, Thegn (Tier 2), and Jarl (Tier 3), set at $10, and $20 respectively, for those who wish to be whitelisted. The perks for these tiers will be made available for discussion before they go live, so that we can iron out any details.

3. Twitch

I’m obviously very new to livestreaming,  and it is a fairly steep learning curve at the beginning. I’ve shied away from it for so long, but I’ve recently got the itch to dive into it. I currently do not have a webcam, or a green screen, but this is something I will be looking into purchasing in time. I’m not particularly worried about face reveals, or anything, it’s more about the logistics of setting everything up. It would also mean changing the way I use my computer in general, as I usually have the lights fairly dim, and that would obviously not be good for the green screen.

I’ll be looking into setting up a regular schedule, and growing my audience on Twitch, but my home life is such that I need to be able to react to stuff at home fairly quickly. It’s hard to just lock myself away for hours without keeping an ear out for stuff. I’m hoping this will be much easier next year.

I’m currently mainly using Twitch to record some of the downtime activities between YouTube episodes, but I’d also like to run some Twitch only series, and just upload the replays to YouTube.

So far as my Patrons go, I’ll have to have a look at options for joining Patreon to Twitch. I’ll try to give my Patrons as much time as my Twitch Subscribers. If you would like to support me on both platforms, that would be amazing, but I would like into options of gifting Twitch Subscriptions to Patrons, but I’d have to look into the ToS of both platforms.

4. YouTube

My YouTube channel is going from strength to strength, and I’ve got to the stage where I’m nearly ready to monetise the channel. This is my main focus of 2020, so far as YouTube is concerned. I have a few series I’d love to make. I love Point & Click Adventure Games, and I’ve already started on one of my favourite P&C series, Broken Sword. There’s a few other series I’d like to record as well. Discworld, Monkey Island, Gabriel Knight, and  a few others.

I’d like to work on my videography, and choreography within videos; especially within timelapse footage.

I would like to get people’s feedback on a few things. Intros? Do they add anything? Do they distract from the video? Same with the outro. I’ve used the same outro for three years, so it’s about time I updated it. I don’t use card at all, because they’re the only thing you have to add manually. What length of video do you prefer? I usually try to make video between 20-40 minutes long, but for some games, it’s better to run for around an hour per episode.

Towards the end of the year, I’d like to experiment with development videos. I’ve fallen away from programming for a while now, but I’d like to do some Game Dev stuff, and some tutorials for memory editing, and building trainers for games.

5. Final Thoughts

All in all, I want 2020 to put me into a position that 2021 can be my real year of growth and expansion. I have some long-term goals that I’d like to work towards. I hope that you’ll all be a part of it.